Auto Diagnostics & Air Con

Auto Diagnostics

Does your vehicle have any Dashboard Warning Lights illuminated? If so, we can use our Diagnostic Equipment to read any fault codes to help assess what the problem may be.

Our equipment can diagnose Engine Faults, ABS Faults, Airbag Faults and much more.

If the fault can not be found, we can perform a Global scan of the vehicles ECU to test most of the components that are being used.

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning can be very expensive if it goes wrong. Regularly servicing your vehicles Air Conditioning can keep your vehicle smelling fresh and keeping the temperature cool.

If it starts to develop problems then we can use our BOSCH equipment to diagnose the faults. Our machine not only pushes new gas into the aircon system but also cleans, evacuates and lubricates the entire systems. This process can take between 15-60 minutes.