Car Servicing in Salisbury

We Service all makes and models, car and commercial, from a Mini to a Luton Van.

What we offer

We are an independent garage in Salisbury that can offer the complete garage experience. We can use manufacturers' service schedules or we can add our own twist on servicing with some of our Special Offers.

We always use high quality parts on all of our customers vehicles and can even service vehicles under 3 years old due to European legislation (BER) without effecting the manufacturers warranty, this can be done using either recognised parts such as NGK, BOSCH and much more or by using OE parts.

We can offer servicing and repairs on Class 7 vehicles such as Double Cab 4x4, Luton Vans, Minibuses or most long wheel base or high top vehicles. We do this by using our large 5.4 ton 2 post ramp.

What we will do

When we service your vehicle we will always remove yours wheels for a thorough brake inspection (so please remember your locking wheel nut). The only time we won't remove your wheels is when you have just an Engine Service or if you request that we don't.

Whilst servicing your vehicle we will contact you to advise you if there is anything that needs urgent attention. We will endeavour to make time to rectify any faults in the same day, but only if we have your permission.

Any advisory's that we find will we documented on your invoice for you to take note of what could go wrong with your vehicle in the next 6 to 12 months. Prices on faults found will only be presented upon your request.