Brake & Clutch Repair In Salisbury


We provide a free brake check to our customer's vehicles and will only advise and sell you what you need. Depending on time, this could be a quick through the wheel check or with a booked appointment a wheels off and thorough inspection.

When assessing your brakes we will also check the boiling point of your brake fluid to see if that is in good working order.

When replacing the brakes on your vehicle we can use high quality brand named parts or an economy brand to suit your budget. When we replace your brakes we will always endeavour to make sure all the braking components are completely clean of rust and that everything is subsequently lubricated properly.

Most braking parts can be sourced within hours, so that we can complete your vehicle in the allotted timescale.


If you think your clutch is slipping or noisy we offer a free road test to try and determine what fault your vehicle may have.

With modern vehicles having expensive parts such as DMF we will try to give you the most competitive prices on labour and parts. We can supply and fit brand name clutch kits or even find you an economy brand too.

Clutch repair in Salisbury